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Holy Cow, local burger in Lausanne!While in Lausanne, we like to visit a local burger bar called Holy Cow! – it’s so incredible, we thought we’d share it with you. If you happen to be in Lausanne with an appetite for burgers, don’t think twice; head to Holy Cow and ignore McDonald’s!
Holy Cow! is no usual fast food restaurant. All the  ingredients used are locally sourced (yay to Swiss cheese!) from farmers that sell directly to the restaurant, something that surely contributes to the freshness and deliciousness of their burgers. Their prices are quite high for the standard european student wallet, but medium ranged for the Swiss :P – 19.90CHF (16 €) for a menu with french fries and refillable artisanal syrup drink.

Here’s what we ordered the first time we were in Lausanne and visited Holy Cow (we were fully prepared for a bit-of-green review and we had our camera with us):

Two menus, Elvis Blue Cheese for me (bovine meat, gorgonzola fondu, bacon, Cajun Mayo, caramelized onions) and Smokey Big Cheese and Bacon (bovine meat, cheese, bacon, sauce BBQ, caramelized onions) for Alex. They came right away, in a little basket full of french  fries.
You can drool over them here: (click for higher resolution)

Holy Cow! Local Burgers

They were both absolutely delicious; the burger felt like real  juicy meat, the french fries were golden and crunchy, the sauces  finger-licking tasty. The only downside we found is that after we devoured the whole basket, we found it difficult to stand up straight and walk to the metro station (which is very close by the way – we dined at the burger bar at Rue de Terreaux).

We paid 39.80 CHF total (each menu was 19.90 CHF, including a refill drink from their delicious -although suprisingly similar tasting- range of artisanal syrups), a pretty decent price for Switzerland. Overall it was a really good experience; it’s a place we visited again and suggested to our friends and that’s why we’re sharing it with you! Anyone craving a juicy burger in Lausanne should pay a visit to Holy Cow. :)

You can find Holy Cow burger bars here:


Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Bar
Rue des Terreaux 10, Lausanne 1003
Mon – Tue: 11:00 – 22:00, Wed– Sat: 11:00 – 23:00

Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Bar
Rue Marterey 1-3, Lausanne 1005
Mon – Sat: 11:30 – 16:30


Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Bar
Place Cornavin 22, Geneva 1201
Mon – Tue: 11:00 – 22:00, Wed– Sat: 11:00 – 23:00

Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Bar
Rue de Carouge 14, Geneva 1205
Mon – Tue: 11:00 – 22:00, Wed– Sat: 11:00 – 23:00

Tell us if you’ve visited Holy Cow (or you plan to!) :D

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Posted by Kynthia on November 1st 2012 in food :: bites
  1. Upcycled101 says:

    Hey! I’m from Lausanne…and i love (did i say LOVE) Holy Cow…holy crap those burgers are good ;-) ..cheers

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