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Pair App Review Hi there! As some of you know, Alex is now living in Switzerland, while I’m still in Greece, finishing my degree. It’s quite a different setting from the 24/7 being together we’re used to, but we try not to care and make time go by as fast as possible until we meet again. :)

In between our visits, internet and our phones are our main form of communication. Since our phones run both android, we searched for apps that could help us; one of those we tried is Pair, an app for just the two of you, as its developers describe it.

As Alex stated, Pair is like facebook for two. You and your partner make an account with your e-mails (takes seconds) and then pair up to get that virtual space for just the two of you. There is a sort of timeline where you can add text, video and voice messages and pictures. You can see if your partner is online; in that case, you can sketch together and thumbkiss, a silly -but cute- feature where you and your partner touch the same spot on your respective screen and the phone vibrates. I know it sounds really weird, but especially for long distance couples, anything that can make you feel you do something together is good (although that particular feature is much more on the silly that the cute side for me). You can also make shared todo lists and reminders, which can be useful also for lucky normal distance couples. :)

We’ve taken some screenshots for you so you can see the application (you can also see Alex is offline; he’s asleep right now so I was just doing random things on Pair to take the screenshots, feeling especially silly :P ).

Pair Android App Screenshots

Although Pair has many unique features compared to similar apps for couples (which we will discuss in later posts) and runs particularly smoothly, there are a couple of things that bothered me. Firstly, the timeline-chat doesn’t have an horizontal orientation, which was absolutely annoying since I’m using a smartphone with a slide up keyboard – of course it slides horizontally, so I had to strain my neck trying to write properly and read what Alex was writing at the same time. Secondly, I didn’t really like the fact that the video/voice messages, the pictures and the sketches were all saved in the timeline with no option to have like a different “folder”; after a while the chat got quite cluttered.

Overall, we found the idea of having an application just for us two surprisingly good. It’s both, um, heartwarming and easy to have your partner’s thoughts with one click instead of checking IMs, SMS messages and e-mail. At first, I thought we could try it just for fun as it seemed a bit stupid, but after a while we grew fond of the idea of having a “private” space. There’s no chance of sending a spicy text to your mum by mistake either! :P

If you want to download Pair, here is the Google Play link and here the Itunes one.

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