Your Own Window Garden

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A herb pot.

A bit of green at your window.

Spring time! The sunlight and the fresh breezes make this time of the year perfect for gardening activities. So there’s your chance to start your own garden! If, like us, you’re living in an apartment, you might think there isn’t much you can do to get your green finger in action.

Well, you might have a small (or, if you’re lucky, medium-sized) patio or balcony; but you definitely have at least one window: you can use every available space to grow your little Eden. The truth is, if you grow a garden at your window sill, the best description would be tiny Eden, but that won’t stop your garden from giving your home a touch of nature and beauty – and maybe handfuls of edible plants, depending on what you choose to grow.

Herb window gardens are my favorite, since they can be both pretty and useful, in a non aesthetic way. Some herbs, like lavender and oregano, grow beautiful flowers while being perfectly edible.

What Plants to Grow

Here’s a selection of herbs that are reasonably easy to grow and just a pinch in a stew or sauce can give a whole different flavour.

A thyme plant.

1. Thyme

greek oregano

2. Greek Oregano

A parsley plant.

3. Parsley

A basil plant.

4. Sweet Basil

A rosemary plant.

5. Rosemary

You’ll have fresh basil at your fingertips for homemade pesto and tomato/basil sauce, parsley for your salads and open sandwiches, fresh rosemary to season the chicken, thyme for your soups and oregano for your pizza. You can also combine them and make your perfect  bouquet garni.

Getting Started

You will need:

  • seeds of the plants you choose to grow

Seeds can be found in green houses, in florist shops, even in hypermarkets like Carrefour.

  • a pot for each kind of herb you wish to grow

A small pot, with diameter around 15 cm (6″) is perfect, since it’s small enough for compact plants but can still allow the plant to grow. Different kinds of herbs can be planted into the same pot, practicing companion planting in herbs.  For more information, read here.

  • regular potting soil

Potting soil can usually be bought at the same place with your seeds.

Feeling lazy? You can also buy a home garden kit from sites like Amazon or Clean Air Gardening.

Pots with soil

Tiny pots for tiny plants.


Just fill each pot with the potting soil and tuck the seeds into the pot. A general rule is the seeds need to go into the soil about three times the size of the seed, but in any case, you can refer to the seed packet for additional instructions. Mist with water.


Most herbs require a moderate amount of sunlight. Windows facing south are ideal, while gardens in north windows might require more light, which can be given by using fluorescent lighting. During the warm months, a little time outdoors can give your plants a boost.

Watering Tip: When the herbs start to grow, the moisture level of your soil will give you a good idea of how often you should water your herbs. Usually, once a week is enough. The main cause of plant death in indoor potted plants is over-watering, so water just as needed to keep the soil moist.


Do it Growing Herbs indoors

Do it Indoor Herb Garden

Gardening Know Growing an Indoor Window Sill Garden

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