Crafts :: DIY Christmas Light Bulb Snow Globe

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Lightbulb Snowglobe :: DIY Christmas Present Craft
Hello everyone! This is a quick post to share a (not so quick) DIY I did a while ago for Alex, a snow globe made from an empty light bulb. I have a soft heart for snow globes, among chocolate, cats and various other things, and I figured it would be awesome if I managed to make one myself! I should tell you from the start, however, that this is one of the most tricky crafts I have done so far and also the only one that failed after one year of use: the tricky part it to perfectly seal the light bulb, which, apparently, I wasn’t able to do… but perhaps you will! :D

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Bites :: Four Ingredient Chickpea Chocolate Cookie Bites


Awesome Chickpea Cookie Bites RecipeHi everyone!
Just a quick post to share an awesome recipe I found today: Chickpea Cookie Bites! I was inspired by this recipe, but, as usual in my household, I didn’t have all the ingredients and I improvised. :P
I made them with only four ingredients!
The cookie bites were surprisingly decadent, crunchy on the outside and chewy inside, with little melted chocolate bits… heavenly! I can hardly believe they’re so healthy, you can’t taste the chickpeas! Go on and make them, I dare you!

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Crafts :: DIY Vintage Book Tablet Case

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DIY tablet case from vintage bookThis post has been sitting on our WordPress shelves for quite a while! I made this DIY Android tablet case from a second hand vintage book for Alex’s brithday last year. I’m happy to report he was thrilled!
It’s one of the most awesome, easy and low cost DIY gifts ever and I think it’s perfectly suitable for a Christmas gift; so I thought it was more than appropriate to post it now. It’s also an excellent excuse to go thrifting. ;)
Don’t get intimidated from the length of the instructions, it’s really easy once you’ve read it. Go on and take a look; you’ve still got all the time in the world to make it for someone (or for you!) for Christmas!

Posted by Kynthia on November 24th 2012 in arts :: crafts

Crafts :: Socks Advent Calendar


Socks Advent Calendar from Hi there! From the very first year me and Alex got together, I make him an advent calendar for the countdown until Christmas (you can see the 2011 and 2010 calendars here). This year our advent calendar was pretty different. First of all, since we don’t live in the same city any longer, it was sent by post! Secondly, it’s part of an inside joke of ours about socks; I’ve been stealing his every time I stayed at his place, so I thought it’s time for payback. :P Lastly, since I love the tradition of filling a sock with presents for Christmas, I thought it’s a pity to have only one sock to fill! :)
Here’s how I made it.

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Tech Bytes :: Tunngle Port Forwarding Tip

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Just a quick update to tell you a little trick I found for Tunngle Port Forwarding. Me and Alex are trying to play together (although it’s always more fun when we’re sitting next to each other ;) ) and we thought of using Tunngle to host private LAN games for afar (thank you technology!). The problem was I couldn’t forward my port properly, although I’d done everything correctly, following guides and understanding what I was doing was right.

After a long while of searching, I noticed my router recognised my laptop as ‘Unknown’ instead of its proper name, although it of course had the right physical address. And here lies the tip: my computer name had an underscore, which apparently didn’t bother Windows at all, but was not accepted from the router software (it’s a Thomson, by the way). I removed the underscore, restarted my computer, and voilà! Tunngle isn’t complaining anymore.
I hope it helps someone else as well; if so, feel free to drop us a comment! :)

Posted by Kynthia on November 3rd 2012 in tech :: bytes

Feature :: My Lifebox

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We would like to introduce you our friend Anna and her blog, mylifebox.
Anna is studying architecture, we’re in the same year. She’s one of those few people in my school whose work I can really relate to; her design and her aesthetics in general feel really familiar. She’s also into crafting, you can see her awesome papercraft goodies at her shop, koutalaki: she makes notebooks and paper clutch bags!
Her blog is a mix of bits and pieces from her life, from delicious food to portraits of her lovely boxer Booky (from μπουμπούκι, meaning flower bud). Did a mention she’s a talented photographer too? More after the jump!

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Android App Reviews :: Pair


Pair App Review Hi there! As some of you know, Alex is now living in Switzerland, while I’m still in Greece, finishing my degree. It’s quite a different setting from the 24/7 being together we’re used to, but we try not to care and make time go by as fast as possible until we meet again. :)

In between our visits, internet and our phones are our main form of communication. Since our phones run both android, we searched for apps that could help us; one of those we tried is Pair, an app for just the two of you, as its developers describe it.

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Food Bites :: Holy Cow! Burgers Review


Holy Cow, local burger in Lausanne!While in Lausanne, we like to visit a local burger bar called Holy Cow! – it’s so incredible, we thought we’d share it with you. If you happen to be in Lausanne with an appetite for burgers, don’t think twice; head to Holy Cow and ignore McDonald’s!
Holy Cow! is no usual fast food restaurant. All the  ingredients used are locally sourced (yay to Swiss cheese!) from farmers that sell directly to the restaurant, something that surely contributes to the freshness and deliciousness of their burgers. Their prices are quite high for the standard european student wallet, but medium ranged for the Swiss :P – 19.90CHF (16 €) for a menu with french fries and refillable artisanal syrup drink.

Posted by Kynthia on November 1st 2012 in food :: bites

Food Bites :: Chocolate Soymilk Popsicle and Quick Chocolate Cake


Quick Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Soymilk Popsicle Recipe
Hi there! It’s been a long time since we posted anything; we’ve got plenty of drafts waiting to be published and too little time. Although I must admit I seem to have plenty of time to whip up quick chocolatey snacks… hence the new post!
I’ve been having huge chocolate cravings lately, so here’s two ways I found to satisfy them: a super low calorie/ low fat chocolate popsicle and a serving of delicious fudgy chocolate (obviously, the second one is far from ‘super low calorie’ but still, since it’s a single serving, it’s still moderate). :D

Posted by Kynthia on September 23rd 2012 in food :: bites

Spring is here!

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Posted by Kynthia on May 2nd 2012 in random :: nats
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